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TL;DR: We’re collecting Google’s link disavow tool data to learn more about the type of disavowed pages and domains through statistical analysis. Since Google wouldn’t release any stats on the tool I say, it’s time we start collecting and crunching our own data.

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Google’s link disavow tool has been in use since October 2012 allowing webmasters to say to the search engine “please don’t count these links”. During this time they’ve collected a wealth of data which they will likely use to improve their algorithm, which is great. What’s not so great is that so far we’ve had no statistics from Google on the use of the tool.

What to do with the data?

We have an ambitious goal of coming up with a universal link disavow template by compiling a list of high co-occurrence domains. For example if more than 50% of all submitted disavow files contain a certain page or domain we will flag it as suspicious. After manual review we would create a template that we can use as a preventative link disavow file ready to be uploaded or already up ensuring links from certain domains can never be counted in*.

Other potential uses:

  1. Total number of disavowed pages & domains
  2. C-block analysis
  3. Advanced metrics (Moz / Majestic / PageRank)
  4. On-Page Parameters: Use of nofollow, anchor text statistics
  5. Domain characteristics (whois lookup)

*Note: This is a pro feature, not to be used by inexperienced webmasters.

Please share this to get as much data as possible.



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